Areas Of Practice

The Law Offices of Robert M. Wilson provide legal services in the following practice areas:

Business General Counsel 

In today’s world, every business needs professional help along the way.  The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is so true.  Doing things right can save you money and save your business.

  • Formation – How you formed your business for tax, asset protection, succession and estate planning and exit strategy.
  • Employment – Not properly understanding how to deal with employment issues can be very costly – but preventable.
  • Contract and Lease Review – The contract you enter into can make you or break you.
  • Trademark – Failing to protect your trademarks or service marks can result in losing them.
  • Intellectual Property – Failing to protect you intellectual property rights from your employees or competitions can put you out of business.

Business Litigation

Whether your business is being sued or you need to sue another party (an individual or another business), you need the assistance of a business litigation attorney who has your best interests and personal service in mind. Bob has more than 25 years of legal experience that they utilize in the course of handling your business litigation or dispute.

We pride ourselves on the hard work and attention to detail that all of our cases receive. We are dedicated to helping business clients achieve their goals and preserve their business assets. We represent small to medium-sized businesses in a range of business related litigation.

Corporate Internal Investigations

If there is a suspicion of fraud or other wrongdoing, many businesses and local governmental agencies will conduct their own internal investigation to determine the details of the cases. Lead by attorney Robert M. Wilson,  the firm has experience in overseeing internal investigations.

Governmental Investigations 

Receive a letter from a regulatory agency? Served with a Search Warrant or Subpoena? What Next?

Regulatory inquiries, search warrants and subpoenas can create significant distress for individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, a search warrant can lead to the seizure of potentially damaging evidence against you and ultimately a warrant for your arrest. For businesses, a search warrant or subpoena can lead to the ultimate demise of your organization. Experienced legal counsel is absolutely necessary in both situations.

Real Estate

Bob offers clients, individuals, small businesses or large corporations, experienced and cost effective representation in the real estate arena.  He understanding and experience in the real estate industry is often a benefit to his clients. Given the real estate climate in California, even individuals of modest means and small business can find there way into costly disputes. California real estate law is a complex field that has developed over the course of more than a century and consequently, disputes can arise on many fronts. However, Bob finds that often disputes can be resolved without the need of formal litigation and the associated cost of these proceedings.

Arbitration and Mediation

Bob offers mediation and arbitration services dedicated to the resolution of disputes. Bob firmly believes that although some cases must be tried in a court of law, most can be settled through careful, thoughtful mediation or arbitration. It is his desire to spare people the stress and anguish often associated with being a party to a formal dispute.

White Collar Crime

White collar crime is typically described as financial, economic or corporate crime, often carried out by sophisticated means. To competently handle a white collar case, an attorney, at a minimum, must be thoroughly grounded in the law of criminal procedure as well as the substantive criminal law that the client is alleged to have violated. Over and above this, an attorney must be aware of what we call the operational basics, that is, how the rules of criminal law and procedure really operate during the various stages of a white collar investigation. The competent white collar practitioner must also be aware of the ever-increasing use by the Government, against corporate and individual defendants, of civil enforcement tools, ranging from asset forfeiture to actions under the False Claims Act.

State Court Criminal Defense

You don’t have to be a criminal to be charges with a crime.  Many businesses and professionals find themselves entwined in the criminal justice system.  For a business, it may be a regulatory violation, for professions, many of whom are licensed, it can be an allegation of driving under the influence or domestic violence.  These are serious offense with dramatic consequences.