White Collar Crime

Lead by Robert M. Wilson, the firm has decades of experience in handling white collar criminal matters. White collar crime accusations may not only destroy a business, career and a reputation, that you worked hard to build, but also bring about criminal charges that leave you facing prison time. The firm utilizes its legal experience throughout the course of the matter in order to formulate a plan for avoiding prosecution, mounting an aggressive defense or favorable resolution to your case.

White collar crime is typically described as financial, economic or corporate crime, often carried out by sophisticated means. To competently handle a white collar case, an attorney, at a minimum, must be thoroughly grounded in the law of criminal procedure as well as the substantive criminal law that the client is alleged to have violated. Over and above this, an attorney must be aware of what we call the operational basics, that is, how the rules of criminal law and procedure really operate during the various stages of a white collar investigation. The competent white collar practitioner must also be aware of the ever-increasing use by the Government, against corporate and individual defendants, of civil enforcement tools, ranging from asset forfeiture to actions under the False Claims Act.

Our firm handles a wide range of white collar fraud cases, including:

Other types of white collar crime matters that we confidently handle include:

Lead by experienced white collar criminal defense attorney Robert M. Wilson, we take pride in our ability to fully examine each and every aspect of your case. We offer thorough representation and construct a strong and ethical defense on your behalf.

Do not hesitate to enlist our assistance. We will work diligently to protect your rights and thoroughly research and investigate all aspects of your unique situation.