Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud

Allegations Of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is one of the leading white collar crimes in the U.S. today. The F.B.I. has reported a 50 percent increase in the amount of agents assigned to mortgage fraud related cases. The actual criminal offenses that a client would be under investigation for and possibly charged with in connection with mortgage fraud may be wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, money laundering or a combination of several of these offenses. Due to the significance of the mortgage lending and housing market on the nation’s economy, law enforcement agencies pursue mortgage fraud related cases aggressively.

Mortgage fraud occurs when there is evidence of intent to misrepresent information provided on a loan application. There are numerous activities that lead to prosecution for mortgage fraud. For instance, occupancy fraud occurs when a borrower states on the loan application that he or she will acquire a property as a primary residence or second home, thereby reducing the amount of interest on the loan, when in actuality the loan is for an investment property.

Another example of an act of mortgage fraud is income fraud. Income fraud is occurs when a borrower provides inaccurate income information on the loan application to obtain a loan. A common occurrence of income fraud occurs through the falsification or forgery of income documentation, tax records, and bank records. Mortgage fraud has become a central focus to federal law enforcement and through cooperation with state and local governmental agencies the federal government works to combat persons involved with mortgage fraud related crimes. Some of the agencies involved in these joint investigations include the F.B.I., the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the IRS.

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