San Francisco
May 30, 2013
9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
The Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason Street

What you’ll learn when you attend:
• Introduction to Federal Court
• The Venue Clarification Act
• Creating your Complaint post Twombly and Iqbal
• The Answer: get it right in Federal Court
• E-Filing Tips
• Mandatory Mediation Rules and Expectations
• Case Scheduling and the Case Management Conference: what to expect and what to do
• Discovery In-Depth (Rule 26, Forms, disputes, motions, sanctions, e-discovery sticky issues)
• Ex Parte Motions: why? how? why bother?
• Injunctive Relief: when it matters and how to get it
• Don’t bore your jury: More persuasive Opening Statements and Closing Arguments [and the difference between the two]
• Rule 12 Motions: use, misuse, and best use
• The Summary Judgment Motion – it can make or break your case so do it better than everyone else
• Oral Argument Tips
• Trial Briefs, Pretrial Statements, Pretrial Conferences and Orders (FRCP 16)
• Motions in Limine: why? how? why bother?
• Your Jury Questionnaire: why does it matter and what do you do about it?
• Voir Dire: practical tips from the trenches
• Fed Court Jury Instructions and Jury Verdict Forms – how not to end up with a mis-trial
• Handling and Submitting your Exhibits – practical tips
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