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Please join Bob Wilson on November 14th at the Sheraton Hotel “Representing Your Client in Federal Court”

Skillfully Navigate the Rules and Pleading Standards to Reach a Favorable Decision

Review federal court rules and tactics to ensure your compliance and boost your chances of success.
Make sure you know your case belongs in Federal Court: explore jurisdiction, venue and removal issues.
Comply with FRCP Rule 8(a)(2) and give each case a firm footing from the very start.
Find the balance between “brief” and “sufficient” to ensure each of your cases goes forward.
Get practical guidance on the types of factual content to be included in support of the pleading.
Understand how federal court procedures are applied when filing electronically.
Analyze the latest court rulings pertaining to discovery to prevent mistakes.
Prevent malpractice allegations with proactive legal ethics tips.
Discover the Federal Court’s best-kept secret: federal magistrate judges – and speed up your litigation process.
Troubleshoot to find new solutions to old evidence and expert problems.
Mind the critical distinctions between the federal and state courtroom culture.
Course Content

Is Federal Court the Right Court? Jurisdiction, Venue and Local Court Procedure
Developing a Successful Trial Strategy
Pleadings and Evidentiary Issues in Federal Court
Thorough Discovery
Testimony Tactics
Case Management
Federal Trial: What You Didn’t Learn in Law School
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The Sacramento Valley Paralegal Association has asked Bob to speak at their annual MCLE Seminar on October 25th. I’ll be speaking on legal malpractice avoidance. For those of you out there who are lawyer, CEB just published an article which can help you work better with your paralegal and avoid malpractice too!

10 Tips to Working Better with Your Paralegal

467003973Attorneys spend a lot of time working with support staff, particularly paralegals, but get no training in law school on how to successfully navigate this important relationship. Here are some tips to help you get the most effective assistance from your support staff.


  • Creating Your Complaint Post Twombly and Iqbal
  • Rule 12 Motions
    • Why They Matter
    • What to do About Them
    • Drafting Tips
    • What to Watch Out For
    • Responses
  • The Answer (to the complaint!)
  • Case Scheduling and the Case Management Conference
  • Discovery & E-Discovery
    • Rule 26—Scope of Discovery and Privilege Issues
    • The Tools of Discovery—Rules 33-36
    • Dealing with Discovery Disputes/Sanctions
    • E-discovery —overview and recent developments
  • Depo Strategies
    • Deciding Whom to Depose
    • Taking Good Depositions
    • Making Effective Use of Depositions at Trial
  • Ex Parte Motions & Injunctive Relief Injunctive Relief
  • Oral Argument Tips
    • Why it Still Matters
    • What Judges Hate/Want
    • Practitioner Prep – how to prepare properly
    • Tips and Mistakes Not to Make
    • What to do if a Tentative Has Been Issued
    • Being Persuasive
  • Expert Witnesses / Expert Reports
    • Recent Changes to FRCP Regarding Experts
    • Expert Reports
    • Expert Depositions
    • Daubert Motions
    • Presenting Experts at Trial
  • Drafting and Replying to Motions for Summary Judgment
  • Heading to Trial
    • Trial Briefs
    • Pretrial Statement
    • Pretrial Conference and Order (FRCP 16)
  • Pre-Trial Matters
    • Client & Witness Preparation
    • Your Jury Questionnaire and Voir Dire Tips
    • Jury Instructions – pitfalls & best practices
    • Jury Verdict Forms – pitfalls & best practices
    • Motions in Limine
  • Trial Presentation
    • Opening Statements
    • Introduction of Exhibits
    • Direct and Cross-Examinations
    • Evidentiary Objections
    • Closing Arguments


San Francisco
May 30, 2013
9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
The Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason Street

What you’ll learn when you attend:
• Introduction to Federal Court
• The Venue Clarification Act
• Creating your Complaint post Twombly and Iqbal
• The Answer: get it right in Federal Court
• E-Filing Tips
• Mandatory Mediation Rules and Expectations
• Case Scheduling and the Case Management Conference: what to expect and what to do
• Discovery In-Depth (Rule 26, Forms, disputes, motions, sanctions, e-discovery sticky issues)
• Ex Parte Motions: why? how? why bother?
• Injunctive Relief: when it matters and how to get it
• Don’t bore your jury: More persuasive Opening Statements and Closing Arguments [and the difference between the two]
• Rule 12 Motions: use, misuse, and best use
• The Summary Judgment Motion – it can make or break your case so do it better than everyone else
• Oral Argument Tips
• Trial Briefs, Pretrial Statements, Pretrial Conferences and Orders (FRCP 16)
• Motions in Limine: why? how? why bother?
• Your Jury Questionnaire: why does it matter and what do you do about it?
• Voir Dire: practical tips from the trenches
• Fed Court Jury Instructions and Jury Verdict Forms – how not to end up with a mis-trial
• Handling and Submitting your Exhibits – practical tips
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